Lexus Cars 2018 UX

Lexus Cars 2018 UX Review

The Lexus Cars UX is the brands newest revealed compact SUV that will be smaller than RX and NX models of SUVs that are bulkier and lengthier. The new Lexus UX stands out with its flashy driving controls and striking and sleek exterior design. With the new UX model, the company aspires to bring new ideas and features to the market of premium SUVs. Here’s a list of the prominent and distinct features that will be included with the new Lexus Cars UX series.

  • The bold and stylish exterior design of the Lexus UX provides a distinctive and elegant look while also showcasing its premium characteristic.
  • The Lexus Cars UX features a four cylinder 2.0litre power-electric hybrid power train. The engine of Lexus Cars UX provides ample amount of hp while still being eco-friendly and fuel efficient.
  • The electric hybrid battery is claimed to not require plugging into a wall to be charged which makes it more convenient and practical.
  • The Lexus Cars UX will come with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which is a welcome improvement that makes the driving more quiet and smooth.

Lexus Cars UX: Interior

The Lexus Cars UX features a moderately spacious interior, both for the driver and passengers. The driver seat is especially comfortable and adjustable which makes finding the best driving position easier. The attention to the build quality and design of the interior also carries over to the Lexus Cars UX like most Lexus Cars feature.  The materials used and design choices make the interior of the Lexus UX pleasingly comfortable, sturdy and stylish.

The Lexus Cars UX will be a new addition to the Lexus Cars premium series of SUVs which aspires to bring new improvements and features over the older models by the brand.



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