Lexus Cars IS Review

Lexus Cars IS is the entry of the Japanese luxury car manufacturer Lexus’ entry into the market of small class luxury cars, with the upgraded 2018 model being named IS 300. The Lexus cars IS sports a robust, bold and distinctive exterior design that not only displays the power that the IS 300 is capable of but also showcases the luxurious and premium characteristics of the car quite well. Underneath its classy exterior, the IS comes packed with a powerful, low emission 2.0litre turbo-charged petrol engine that is supplemented with an eight-speed auto transmission. Alongside the performance of the engine, the Lexus IS offers a stable and engaging driving experience with great handling and increased fast acceleration.

Lexus IS: Interior Design and Style

The interior of the Lexus Cars IS has been elegantly designed with both comfort and quality in mind, the interior space of the Lexus IS saloon provides ample room alongside comfortable seating. In addition, the seats of the IS comes standard with leather upholstery as well as front adjustable heated and ventilated front seats. The overall design and looks of the interior really reflects the executive characteristic of the vehicle.

Lexus IS: Safety

Adding to its overall appeal, another great aspect of the Lexus Cars IS is the various advanced safety features that are built into the car as standard, such as the pre-collision emergency braking system, a rearview camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, pedestrian detection sensors and the lane assist systems that ensures in making the Lexus Cars IS an overall safe and solid vehicle.

Compared with its rivals in the small premium luxury cars market for the time, the Lexus Cars IS 300 offers a great alternative and value for people that desire great performance and all the luxurious characteristics and utilities combined in one car.

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