Lexus Cars LC 500

Lexus Cars LC 500 Review

The Lexus Cars LC had initially started out as quite an ambitious concept, and it is not often that we see such intriguing concepts become a reality, at least not as close and as impressive to what was originally imagined and Lexus managed to deliver just that with their new luxury sports coupé LC 500. With a long list of impressive features, the Lexus Cars LC 500 is an all around outstanding car and is among one of the best of its class of high-end luxury sports cars in terms of its combined overall quality, performance and comfort.

Engine and Driving

One of the more refined features of the Lexus Cars LC 500 is a powerful naturally aspirated 5.0litre 471 hp V8 engine. In addition the LC 500 also comes with a sleek 10 speed automatic transmission.
The acceleration of the Lexus LC also delivers power seamlessly and rapidly.

As with most other Lexus cars, the LC 500 also comes equipped with many advanced safety tech that is packed in Lexus’ Safety System+ some of the featured tech include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, pedestrian detection and pre-collision warning.


Sleek and sophisticated, the exterior design of the Lexus Cars LC 500 is quite refined and distinguished which makes the LC really standout and adds an extra alluring aura to the car. Just as much on the outside, the interior of the Lexus Cars LC is also astonishing in terms of the stylish looks and comfortable design. Inside of the LC are four seats, the front seats are heated and ventilated and come with leather upholstery. In addition the front seats also provide a ten way power adjustment option. The front row seats of the LC are further designed to provide a great support to make the driving more comfortable.

The Lexus Cars LC combines all the high end performance and the comforts of a grand luxury car in one spectacular and exceptional grand tourer sports coupé.

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