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Lexus Cars:  Premium Luxury Cars


In 1989, the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota founded the Lexus brand of cars as a division of their company, which would focus primarily on producing and importing premium luxury cars. Ever since their introduction to the automotive market, Lexus cars have aimed to create vehicles that would combine luxurious comfort, style, performance and affordability. Today Lexus cars are ranked among the biggest worldwide imported brand of cars with their wide and diverse selection of vehicles that range from UX, RX and NX series SUVs to the performance oriented RC and LC Coupe series to suit the differing needs and desires.

Hybrid Fuel Technology and Fuel Efficiency in Lexus Cars


Among the most prominent aspects of Lexus cars is the feature of hybrid type engines that were introduced in the series of cars produced from 2006 and onwards. The Lexus hybrid engines offer the choice of using either of the power sources, a battery-powered rechargeable electric engine and the standard fuel powered combustion engine, as the primary source to power the engine. This feature allows Lexus cars to be more fuel efficient and economical by reducing the reliance and consumption of fuel.

Lexus RX:  Most Appealing and Affordable of the Premium SUVs


Despite receiving  moderate reviews, since 2016 and onwards, Lexus RX model SUVs has been the most prominent and preferred among the Lexus brand of cars, most notably in the United States where the Lexus RX remained as the highest selling premium SUV type car. The appeal of the RX might be attributed to the fact that, compared with the other premium SUVs on the market at the time, Lexus RX offers similar comfort, reliability and stylish design on top of the more affordable pricing. In short, the Lexus Rx is designed in a way to cater to every expectation and need of the customers, which might explain the success that the Lexus RX has achieved.

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