Lexus Cars RC engine

Lexus Cars RC Review

The two door Lexus Cars RC coupe is the new and improved addition from Lexus Cars into the market of small sized luxury cars. The RC 2018 model has received a number of improvements, most notably is the new sleek and sporty exterior design borrowed from the Lexus LC series, which has added a striking feel and sharper lines to the appearance of the RC 2018. Alongside the changes to the looks the 2018 Lexus RC 300 replaced the previous and older RC 200t as the standard base model. The Lexus Cars RC series offer three different trims; Luxury, F Sport and Premier with differing specs and upgrades.

Lexus Cars RC: Performance and Handling

The engine of the Lexus Cars RC also received a slight power boost to its four cylinder turbocharged 2.0liter engine, increasing the output of horsepower. The Lexus RC 300 also boasts faster and easier acceleration. The handling and steering of the Lexus RC is also overall solid which makes road imperfections less of an annoyance and provides a pleasant and effortless driving experience and in an urban environment.

Lexus Cars RC Coupe: Interior

The interior of the Lexus Cars RC model combines elegance and comfort; the inside of the Lexus RC is sturdily built with a great emphasis on quality with its comfortable leather seats and arm rests that provide a luxurious and comfy experience. The trunk of the RC also offers moderate amount of trunk space which can be further increased by folding the rear seats if desired.

Another well liked improvement that the 2018 RC 300 model brought is the addition of advanced safety features that come as standard features with the new Lexus Cars RC model such as the forward collision warning, automatic emergency breaking and adaptive cruise control.

The Lexus Cars RC model is a good alternative and addition to the small sized premium coupe market and a valid option for people that want both performance and a comfortable driving experience.

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