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Lexus Cars RX450hL Review

Lexus Cars has launched the RX450hL model which is an upgraded and new addition to the widely successful Lexus car RX model SUV series. The most major upgrade to the features of the Rx450hL from the previous models has been the introduction of a seven seat interior design which allows for more passengers or if desired, the seats can be easily folded flat which allows the creating of more interior space. The third rear row seats can also be easily laid flat with the push of a button to increase the carrying capacity of the car. In addition, the size of the interior design all seven seats to be comfortable for passengers.

Another important feature of the Lexus Car Rx450hL is that, it is designed with the Japanese Omotenashi hospitality cultural concept in mind. What this means is that the interior of the Lexus Car Rx450hL is designed in a way to be able to provide comfort and accommodate all the needs of the passengers inside the car. The armrests of the third rear row seats include USB ports, two cup holders and a digital air conditioning panel that can be used by the passengers in the third rear row to adjust the heating and ventilation independently.

In terms of the driving aspect of the car, the new Lexus Car Rx450hL also features the addition of the hybrid power source, which has been a well-known and key feature of Lexus brand cars for a long time. This addition also allows the car to be more fuel efficient, economical and eco friendly. Moreover, the Lexus Car Rx450hL boasts a 3.5litre, aspirated V6 engine that is able to power up to 308bhp, and the Rx450hL is claimed to be able to go up from 0 to 62 mph in 8 seconds.



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